Questions regarding membership into the Order should be directed to:
Sir Glen Stinson, Commander at
: SirGlenS@AOL.COM

The six classes of the Order are:
1) Bailiff Grand Cross, Dame Grand Cross
2) Knight of Justice, Knight of Grace, Dame of Justice, Dame of Grace, Sub-Prelate, Chaplain
3) Commander Brother, Commander Sister
4) Officer Brother, Officer Sister, Sub-Chaplain
5) Serving Brother, Serving Sister
6) Esquire, Donat

Individual people performing good works for society throughout the world currently make up this priory. Many individuals have fulfilled the basic requirement for Knighthood (entrance) into the priory, but are unrecognized for their efforts and deeds. Knighthood into this priory has a first step: Requesting and submitting an application for knighthood that demonstrates your accomplishments, provides personal recommendations, and allows for an interview and review by the membership committee and commander.

Knightings occur throughout the year in various cities throughout the world.

If you believe you,or an individual you know, may be deserving the honor of Knighthood, please apply!

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